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The IAGMR is delighted to announce a new book series with Routledge: ‘Rethinking Austrian and German Music’, edited by Erik Levi and Jeremy Barham. The editors welcome proposals for monographs or edited volumes, which should be sent to and

See below a description of the series:

Affiliated with the Institute of Austrian and German Music Research at the University of Surrey, the book series published by Routledge, ‘Rethinking Austrian and German Music’ provides opportunities to renew understanding of the music and cultural histories of Germanophone lands. In the face of longstanding canon formation but also with a determination to uncover neglected repertoire, figures, and ideas, the series seeks new ways of seeing the familiar, and engages in diverse ways with the newly discovered. 

Its broad remit embraces all genres and traditions of music, and brings into play a range of cultural, historical, analytical, theoretical, empirical, as well as performance-based, interdisciplinary and hybrid methodological approaches. In interrogating the very notions of ‘Austrian’, ‘German’ and ‘Austro-German’, the series confronts politicizations of culture, ideas of nationhood and identity, colonialism, borderlands, migration, diaspora, displacement, canonicity, appropriation and power structures, focussed through explorations of musical creativity, reception and performance primarily from the eighteenth century to the present day. 

The series comprises monographs, edited collections, and translations of seminal musicological publications that have originally appeared in other languages, and which fill significant gaps in knowledge and accessibility for an English-speaking readership. Through the unique contribution of each of its volumes, the series aims to transform our understanding of Austrian and German music and musicians as ‘central’ yet ‘marked’ cultural phenomena. 

Volumes contracted so far are:

Beth Snyder, Orthodoxy and Dissent: Aesthetic Debates and Musical Practices in the German Democratic Republic (1949-1961)

Jeremy Barham and Yulia Kreinin (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)(eds), Mahler’s Russia, Russia’s Mahler: Texts and Contexts (an edited volume of translated scholarly work on Mahler by Russian musicologists)

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