Welcome to the IAGMR

Established in 2018 in the Department of Music and Media at the University of Surrey, the IAGMR provides a forum for innovative and transformative scholarly research in Austrian and German music from all periods of history and of all genres (including popular music, jazz, folk, sonic arts, and hybrid forms).

It is motivated by the challenge to explore and rethink customary twinned ‘Austro-German’ formulations and associated assumptions of ‘unmarked’ culture. At the same time it seeks new ways to envision musical sound’s acknowledged significance for the cultural and geo-political arenas imaginatively circumscribed by the terms ‘Austria’ and ‘Germany.’ The Institute thus seeks to explore neglected or suppressed repertoire as well as to find new ways of understanding familiar works, well-considered practices, and canonic traditions.

In its drive to rethink, the IAGMR champions an inclusivity of approaches, methodologies, orientations, topics, and repertoires, with particular emphasis on fostering and embodying equality and diversity with regard to the work of under-represented music, people, scholarly themes, and sectors of the community long erased from historical discourses.

The IAGMR is thus interested as much in the social politics of music (diaspora, migration, colonization, appropriation, identity) as it is in philosophies, aesthetics, and analyses of music, and the practices, events, performance contexts, institutions, reception histories, and critical frameworks through which it is mediated.

For more information about the Institute and our upcoming events, please see our About and Events pages. For all other enquiries please feel free to contact us via the contact page.

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